Yanai is located on a hill facing the Setonaikai Inland Sea. Around there many farmlands are widely spread out in its northern basin where Jinenjo and other vegetables are cultivated under mild climatic conditions.̏ꏊ

Yanai gJinenjo*h : Yanai is the birthplace of M-TEX Corporation and also gJinenjoh cultivation in Japan.
The late Mr. Toshio Masada, who is the pioneer of gJinenjoh cultivation, succeeded in cultivation of gJinenjoh in 1993. gJinenjoh was originally a wild crop which grew in a mountainous area and was supposed to be impossible to cultivate. He wanted to cultivate it, though and tried to do so many times. After repeated trial and error, he finally succeeded. Now, farmers in Yanai can grow gJinenjoh easily and efficiently thanks to Mr. Masadafs hard work in the past.
Yanai gJinenjoh has a straighter shape than those in other areas. Now its seed is being shipped to other farmers.
* gJinenjoh is a hairy, light brownish and stick-shaped root vegetable.


M-TEX Corporation deals with tasty and healthy food utilizing rice, Jinenjo and Konnyaku. Placing orders by any means, including over the internet, is possible. Refer to the gContact ush page.

Jinenjo : carefully selected 10-12 degree sugar content

  • Jinenjo is valued highly as a nourishing and invigorant food that gives you plenty of energy.

    *Mucin : a kind of protein which contains plenty of sugar

Konnyaku : Low calorie and healthy food

  • Sticky and flavorful food like a rice dumpling
  • The smelly component(tri-methylamine) is removed through our special method.

gIkachi-maih : rice product in Yanaifs local farms

  • Cultivated and harvested in fertile soil with an abundant quantity of water.
  • Ikachi-mai is tasty and flavorful.

M-TEX Corporation was originally a research and development division of Harada Food Co. Ltd., and was later established as an independent company featuring research & development. Since then, wefve developed a new Konnyaku product in cooperation with the local prefectural government. We are now dealing with not only developing and marketing new products related to Jinenjo and Konnyaku, but also growing Jinenjo, assisted by our group company, and selling it to customers.