M-TEX is developing food products, including functional food, desserts, snacks, noodles and instant foods, by utilizing local agricultural and marine products. We are aiming to develop new Konnyaku products with a flexible mindset.


  • Development of new Konnyaku products
  • New Applications of Konnyaku
  • New Cultivation of Konnyaku
  • New Konnyaku Processed Foods
  • Jinenjo Processed Foods
Low calorie and healthy food : Konnyaku
After lots of research and development, M-TEX found that Konnyaku is a dietary food with a good flavor. Konnyaku doesn’t break into pieces due to its original characteristics, therefore it can be used in various kinds of cuisine.

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Name of CompanyM-TEX Corporation
Address2-32,Shin-ichi, Yanai,Yamaguchi, 742-0009, Japan
Phone +81-820-22-0654
Facsimile +81-820-22-0677
Date of EstablishmentSeptember 10, 2002
Representative DirectorKoji Harada
Main BusinessProduction and Sale of Konnyaku processed food
BankThe Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd., Shiko Chukin Bank, Japan Finance Corporation
CustomersHarada Food Co.Ltd., Club Link Japan, Kyowa Co. Ltd.,
JA Group Yamaguchi, and more
SupplierShimizu-Manzo Shoten Co.Ltd.,Matsutani Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.,
Kawamura Sangyo Co. Ltd., Kakimi Petrochemical Co.Ltd.

M-TEX Corporation was originally a research and development division of Harada Food Co.Ltd. and was established later as an independent company.
We developed a new product, dry Konnyaku under a municipal grant.


September 2002Established in Yanai as a business of Konnyaku processed food
October 2002Started to produce supplies for dry Konnyaku powder for Harada Food
December 2002Development of original process for dry Konnyaku powder
April 2004Development of low calorie Rice Noodle
April 2005Development of Low Protein Rice Noodle
May 2006Development of Noodle production system, Started to produce Konnyaku Noodle
October 2007Development of Jinenjo Noodle
March 2008Authorized by the Local Government as an innovative management of marketing Konnyaku Noodle
April 2008Development of Cold Jinenjo Noodle
October 2008 Development of Renkon(*) Noodle   (*) Lotus Root
November 2008Development of Green Tea Noodle
December 2008Authorized by the Local Government as the best company closely cooperated with other industries
April 2009Development of black sesame noodle
October 2009Development of Jinenjo Dumpling Soup
February 2010Development of Jinenjo Chips and Jinenjo Porridge
July 2012Development of Jinenjo Cracker
October 2015 Development of New model Konnyaku Noodle Machine